BRIAN has been in the design department here at Brand Story Experts almost since the beginning. Even though he has moved around a lot, he considers northeast Pennsylvania to be home. Earning his BA in Communications Media and MA in Technical Writing, he started his career in Advertising at the early age of 18. He has done it all. From working in the corporate marketing department for Gruen, in-house advertising for JCPenney and The Bon-Ton. He has also been in the art departments of several small-to-large sized agencies.

Brians favorite part of his job is telling a client’s story through visual communication. Often this can be subtle, a few choice words, a photo selection, or the purposeful design that goes into a logo or brand asset. He finds this very fulfilling and also challenging. Brain considers this part of what he does the best job in the world.

In his free time, he enjoys creative writing. Over the years Brian has published a few articles. He even floated a few book proposals. His favorite TV shows consist of True Detective Season 1 and he’s currently been watching Ray Donovan. Three things Brian wants to cross off his bucket list is riding a motorcycle across Europe, visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza in person and anything that would REALLY impress his father. If he could choose one superpower Brian would find the obvious choice to be flying.