Some call it Brand Strategy Development, we call it telling your Brand Story!

Our company has a passion for uncovering great stories. We are unlike any other company in our business because we have a system and process that is unique and exclusive to Brand Story Experts.

We have spent over 20 years building this process and the last 5 years fine tuning it. The best part about it … is that it works. Our Brand Story telling process enables businesses to define their core components of their brand – and share them — in a way that connects, resonates and inspires.

From the way your logo appears to the exact message that we want your Brand Messenger Film to send, we map it all out from the process. In fact, we have a methodology for telling our stories in everything we do to make sure that everything contributes to your brand story.

One aspect that we are most proud about is what our exclusive Brand Story telling process does for our client’s culture. The Brand Stories we develop create clarity, confidence and contribution — inside and outside the organization. That way employees, management, customers and clients will all connect with who you really are – inspiring them to join in and be a part of your Brand Story.

Our process takes the misery out of transparency, by enabling businesses to have fun being real. Because let’s face it, there is nothing worse than a business who pretends to be something they are not. Our team is focused on making sure that your business becomes known as the realest of the real … and the best of the best.

Because the best companies don’t just talk about it … THEY ARE ABOUT IT.

Our Team

Kelly Keenan


Kelly has spent nearly 20 years helping businesses to uncover and then celebrate their brand story through their marketing and company culture. He is a marketing, branding and innovation expert, a certified business coach, and speaker.

Kelly graduated from Baldwin Wallace College where he received a degree in Communications and Marketing and became and All American wrestler placing 2nd in the nation in 1994. He was also named Clear Channel Radio’s Innovator of the Year in 2007.

He has had great success across the country as a Marketing Director, Ad Agency owner, Business Coach and Consultant. Kelly is currently finishing up a book entitled, The Brand Messenger Mindset: Building a Wildly Successful Brand through Attitude, Drive and Direction.

Kelly Keenan


Samantha Bruno is a New Media Expert and Strategist who helps businesses develop a strong, consistent and authentic Personal Brand Strategy that enables them to excel in today’s Social and Personal marketing world.

Samantha has a degree from State College of Florida and has had extensive master training in the fields of Leadership, Marketing, SEO and Sales Development. She has over 10 years of successful experience in client management and sales. She has been recognized as a top Integrated Marketing Specialist. She is also an expert at executing the Brand Story Experts Brand Messenger program. Using our process, Samantha has spearheaded numerous award winning branding campaigns and programs over the past 5 years.

Our Creative Developers

We have a team of talented, creative personnel that uses our process to tell our client’s stories as detailed by our Brand Messenger process. Whether they are in our office or a partner out in the field, each member of our team works with a BSE principal to make sure that the final product follows our process so that the end result of the work contributes to the brand story.

Every project is different and we match our personnel to best fit the needs of the client and brand story. The principals at Brand Story Experts oversee each project and ensure that the components of the brand story are present in everything we do. The heart of every website we build, film we shoot, social media program we conduct, or content plan we construct, is the brand story and our process. That is how we get results – and that is what everyone on our team who works on your Brand Story is committed to deliver.

There is nothing worse than a business who pretends to be something they are not. We help businesses uncover their authentic brand story and develop a strategy to celebrate it -- inside and outside their organization. That way people can connect with who you really are, and you are not just talking about it … YOU ARE ABOUT IT.

Brand Messenger Film Feature

We have been very fortunate to get the opportunity to uncover the brand story for this fast growing software developer.