The All In App is a Brand Story development tool we created to help systemize Brand Story Participation by turning content marketing for your company into a team sport. 

This tool allows you systemize content sharing from everyone on your team and funnel that content to one central source. This shared content is then used for posting on channels like Facebook, Instagram, your Website and more. The content literally just comes to you and you decide when and where to share it. 

Don’t Want to share with the public? The All In app allows the submitted photos to be shared to your own private Internal Social “Feed” on the All In App. You can set a monthly goal for each team member for submitting content and track the top participators in the Leaderboard area. Yes, we’ve gamified the sharing and celebration of your brand’s story — and it’s awesome!

In addition, the All In App is an incredible communicator … it allows you to post Notifications to your team pertaining to App updates and participation, keeping everyone in the know. It also provides you with a “News Update” area that your company can use as an On-demand Newsletter. No need to wait for that old news packed, end of the Month Newsletter to update your team. Now, you can send updates in real time … one at a time. 

The All In App gives you a simple, easy to use dashboard that anyone can use and your team will love it. It’s everything you need for gathering content and communicating with your team.