Design is more than style.  It’s an extension of the brand.  Every brand’s design should be developed around their story. It needs to consider the three components uncovered in our Brand Story Development process: Attitude, Drive, and the Direction.  

We consider the Attitude to determine the feel, the personality and the tone that the brand takes. 

We consider the Drive of the brand so that we can visually attach services, systems, and processes that are driving the success of the brand and will need to be married to the marketing style.  

We consider the Direction of the brand because we need to have an understanding of the outcomes associated with the brand’s performance. We do this to make sure that the brand’s promise and the expectations associated with the brand are in line with the image.  

Whether it is a print advertisement, a website graphic, a vehicle wrap, or a trade show display … Our Brand Design is clear, it is cohesive and it establishes credibility and continually builds strength with every opportunity we are given to present the brand image.  We are able to accomplish this type of clarity and results because our Brand Design is uncovered with the story of the brand through our process.