Our Brand Story films are the visual interpretation of our the Brand Story Summaries we uncover.  They are shot beautifully and represent the brand’s image in a way that establishes credibility and trust.  However, the shooting style isn’t the true separator.  It’s the work we do to plan the story set up, the questions we ask, the interview style we conduct, the points we are looking to tie together and more. 

We don’t use scripts for our main Brand Story Films because we want it to be real.  But, that doesn’t mean they don’t take process and planning.  It’s actually the opposite.  There is a lot that goes into the execution of these films.  They do more than just look good, they are compelling and they connect with your team and your customers.  Our assessment gives us the ability clearly see the story we need to tell ahead of time.

We know what we are looking for, we know how to get the content from the brand and we know how to make a great brand story film happen every time.