We have had a great partnership with Cool Today.  When we began working with them in 2009, very few Home Service Companies even had a Facebook page. Even fewer were using that page for marketing.  We came in, did our assessment, clarified a brand story summary and outlined a content plan with storylines.  We used that plan to create content that was different than anyone was doing at that time.

For many years, Cool Today had more Facebook fans or likes than any home service company in the world. They are still very close to the top today (Yes, we are proud of that).  In addition, we also began filming Brand Story Films for Cool Today in 2009 redefining what home service films would look like for the next decade. (Yes, we are also proud of this). While we continue to be a leader in social media and filmmaking with Cool Today, as their full-service marketing agency, we also continue to build their brand story, create effective sales strategies, map out additional storylines, structure creative campaigns, manage a growing budget, strengthen their culture and keep their program innovative and engaging.

We interviewed Cool Today owner Jaime DiDomenico to talk about the Cool Today/BSE partnership. Jaime is a company, community and industry leader.  We value his trust and friendship and it is a true honor to be a part of his company’s growth and success.