At Brand Story Experts, our number one priority is our clients! This doesn’t come naturally, it comes from hard work, creativity and one of the most forgotten attributes … organization.  With lots of chaos and fast-approaching deadlines, it can be very hard to stay on track. Keeping organized is the key to succeed in all areas of business. Here are four ways to keep your work-life organized.


  • Stick to A System

The easiest and most beneficial thing to do when trying to get organized in your work life is to create an organizational system that WORKS for YOU! This can be a number of things. Such as creating a filing system, online scheduler, or even sticky notes of priorities. This can be a huge help when putting down your thoughts on what needs to get accomplished. Just like an organized sock drawer, you want your thoughts and to-dos to match just as easy as a pair of socks. Without it, those tasks are just a disorganized mess just like searching for that lost sock in the dryer.

  • Adapt Your Desk/Office to Your Personal Style

    How to Manage Different Personalities at Work

Just like in your home life, you want to create an environment that helps you feel more relaxed. If you think about it, you spend more time at your work area then you do in your bedroom. So making it your “own” personal space is crucial. A couple of great items to have your desk may include pen holders, whiteboards, or even a cord organizer. Items like these keep your desk more adaptable and spacious to help you work more proficiently. This can help declutter that stress you might be feeling.


  • Use Available Technology

In the modern world of technology, we now have access to software and systems that will help make our lives easier. This may include using the management system that your company implemented, using your online schedule, or even organizing your emails by type/subject. One great technology that you can utilize is a Google app extension called “Boomerang”. This extension allows you to schedule out your emails when you want them sent! 


  • Know Your Priorities To Do List Notepad | Cute Floral Notepad | Lined To Do List | Doodle Notepad for Coloring | Teacher

Knowing your what your “hot items” are is very important. That way you can organize your day. This could easily be done by checking your emails, following-up with your clients with any outstanding items and checking the upcoming items on your schedule. Another crucial tip is to organize this from top priority to low priority. You could do this by listing them out or even getting with your manager to determine what needs to be focused on. The key thing to remember is that we are human and to not set unrealistic goals that we know we can’t do in a day.


Remember that getting organized is not a task, it’s a way to help you be more efficient. Each person is different so each person will have a different organization system, the most important thing is finding what works best for you. These four easy tips could get you organized and ready to take on the world!