Written by Kristen Chastain, Social Media and Content Strategist

With TikTok’s future uncertain, Instagram has stepped up to directly compete with the short-form video app through the introduction of Instagram Reels – and the battle is on!

Following in TikTok’s viral footsteps, Reels provides a new way to record 15-second clips set to music, but on Instagram. What’s best about this new feature is that brands can now utilize their own Instagram account to participate in Reels! There is no need to start over when it comes to building a social following. You can continue to engage with your followers by implementing these strategies into your social media efforts. Instagram has flexed this advantage before.  

You may remember a similar move that Instagram made by introducing Instagram Stories to battle the surging popularity of Snapchat Stories.  Instagram entered the arena, improved the Stories feature, and eventually overtook Snapchat’s feature to become the leading “Stories” app.  Can their Reels feature repeat history?  Let’s take a look.

Share Authentic Content

Instagram Stories have been a fast and easy way to create authentic, captivating content for several years now. Look at Instagram Reels as an opportunity to maximize on this creativity! This can be a great way to show behind the scenes footage of your business but with a twist.

Educate Your Followers

At Brand Story Experts, we have long believed that the ability to educate is the biggest opportunity that today’s media channels provide. Through Reels, you gain more opportunities to educate!  Not only can you share creative content, but you can also share educational content. Share recipes, tips, and tricks from a blog you have published in the form of an Instagram Reel to educate your following on something they might not know about your brand, product, or service!

Drive Awareness To Your Brand

Awareness is the first step in building a successful program for your brand, and it’s critical. This is a great way to maximize your brand’s reach by driving awareness to your product or service. Reels content is pushed to the Explore page, meaning more users can see your Reel, even if they aren’t following you! With just the right eye-catching video, you can drive more and more users to your Instagram page. 


Only time will tell us if Instagram Reels will be able to cool off the red-hot popularity of TikTok, but in a short amount of time, Instagram Reels has proved to hold massive potential for brands participating in this feature. They have put together a formidable presence by providing a slightly different way to promote your brand. It will be interesting to see how Instagram will further develop this feature to further enhance its capabilities. So what are you waiting for? Hop on your Instagram account now and give Instagram Reels a try! It may be just the tool you needed to fire up your brand celebration in a way that makes your brand even more successful.