Here at Brand Story Experts, Katie is our Client Relations Coordinator. Katie is originally an Ohio native from Newark but currently lives in Lakewood Ranch, Fl. She earned her bachelors degree from the University of Kentucky where she was also a member of the UK Gymnastics team and also interned for UK Athletics. During her time at UK, Katie and her team made school history by going to the NCAA Tournament for the first time during her senior year.

Katies’ favorite part of her job is the relationships she gets to create with each client, seeing her work take shape and create results. Outside of work she enjoys participating in tennis, golf, and shopping. When Katie isn’t working she loves to watch TV, among her favorites are New Girl, Monk, and Parks and Rec. Three things Katie would like to cross off her bucket list are going to Italy, attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and to one day write a book. If she could choose one superpower it would be a tire between teleportation or invisibility.


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