Written by Katie Carlisle


At BSE, we help our partners manage their relationships.  We provide this assistance for their internal team and for their customer base.  For over 11 years, we have focused on these relationships with our customers to  build a strong understanding of best practices for customer service interaction, engagement, and execution. I wanted to take a moment and share some ideas that will help you have consistent and long-term success in these areas.

Each customer service appointment journey begins with an initial phone call.  The importance of this initial interaction cannot be underscored. It is so important to make a good impression. Always remember that this phone call sets the tone for their experience with your brand. Check out these three tips below to help you make the most of this opportunity by converting more calls to leads, lifting your customer retention, and set your team up for success! 


Focus on POSITIVITY and Take Your TIME

The first impression of your brand begins with those in your call center. When customers call to book an appointment, they want to connect with someone who is positive, friendly,  who will listen to their needs, and try to accommodate in every  way they can. If you rush through each call to increase the call counts or have a nonchalant attitude, the customer probably won’t feel a warm connection and might consider other options. You build relationships by truly caring. Even though this feeling is intentional, you have to have the right mindset so that it is also natural.  When you are genuinely concerned, trust is gained, and the customer is more likely to come back time after time. 


Push for Person to Person Contact

Do you want to help your team to maximize each lead opportunity? Then you have to get personal!  This means reassuring the customer, offering solutions, and recommending an in-person visit to further the discussion.  We are living in a virtual world today so this may mean a Zoom call or a virtual visit via Facetime.  However, the goal is to advance the relationship and provide more assistance by using the experts you have, the solutions you offer, and the personal assistance you provide. Depending on your industry, customers will have different reasons for their hesitance in booking an in-person visit or virtual visit. Here are some examples of overcoming customer hesitancy in the home service field.  

  • The customer is backing away from the idea of in-home service after hearing there is a dispatch fee? A strategy for this is to waive the dispatch fee to keep the customer interested. “Well Mrs. Smith, we can actually waive the dispatch fee for you today and have someone come out to take a look.” 
  • Perhaps they want an estimate over the phone and you don’t offer that. You can say “Well, Mrs. Johnson, because each situation is unique, we would like to send a technician to your house to assess before giving a definitive price.” This will eliminate any surprises in cost, and give the customer peace of mind that they will be getting quality, customized care from their service technician. 


Encourage Membership Plans 

Relationship Agreements (Service Partner Plans) are a great way to keep the revenue flowing year-round. Each call is an opportunity to promote your plan and educate the customer on the benefits that will help them SAVE now and in the future. When a non-plan member calls in, bring up the plan, and ask if they’d like to join today to save X% off their service.  If a current plan member calls for an appointment, you have the opportunity to book them TWICE. First the job they are requesting, and second, their bi-annual maintenance. Mention they have an appointment coming up, they are likely to book on the spot.

These tips are tried and true ways to lead each Customer Service Representative to success. If your team implements these strategies, it will lead to higher booking rates, more accurate tracking, and happier customers who will leave better reviews. Interested in taking your team’s marketing and branding to the next level? Let our Brand Story Experts team help! Contact us today and find out how we can TRANSFORM your brand and CELEBRATE your story.