We were giving a presentation to a separate community organization.  However, the Executive Director of the Manatee Performing Arts Center was serving on the board of the organization.  After the presentation, she told us about the transformation she was coordinating with her brand, the Manatee Performing Arts Center.  She detailed all the changes she was making to bring more to the community with this center.  It was inspiring. 

She said that what Brand Story Experts did was perfect for them because they needed to clarify who they were in a way that preserved the amazing work they have done in the past but also sets them up for the future.  We uncovered their story, designed their logo and created a brand strategy that went perfectly with the brand and the amazing energy they were creating with their growth and expansion. 

It was a true joy working with the Executive Director and the Manatee Performing Arts Center.  They were correct in thinking, we were perfect for them – because the story of what they do for the community needs to be celebrated.