BSE takes great pride in our media management partnerships.  Our team handles media negotiation & placementbudget planning & reconciliation and in-depth monthly campaign reviews. When BSE works with a client on media management we take an “all in” approach.  

We help to fine tune our clients’ media budgets and we work with our clients on strategic planning and best use of their marketing dollars.  We plan, negotiate and verify that all media schedules are meeting the KPIs we set forth.  We take great pride in our negotiations with our media partners and see to it that plans are being executed. Our team also pays close attention to campaign performance and results.  

In our monthly review meetings, we will recap each campaign for the month, the results (ROI) and if we need to make changes.  Every member of our team is working to ensure our client’s media plans are being executed to their fullest potential.  

From our Project Manager to Social Media Manager to Creative Director and Media Buyer, we strive for complete & successful media campaigns.