Relationships are big in business. As a company, Brand Story Experts deals with a lot of companies who are in the “relationship business.”  This makes perfect sense because that is the same business that we are in.   Our process is personal, it’s in-depth and affords us the ability to gain an understanding of our client and their needs on a deeper, more meaningful level.  We believe this type of relationship is needed if we are going to effectively tell the brand’s story while helping them strengthen and grow their culture.

As awesome as this strategy is, it does come with a trade-off.  This type of business model prohibits us from being a mega-agency with hundreds of clients.  We will never be a High volume/Low relationship … we are High-Relationship/Low-Volume. That’s us.  But, before you start feeling sorry for us, take note that we absolutely wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are exactly where we want to be and we believe — that we are exactly where you want us to be too.

We see too many clients being mismanaged by high volume agencies.  They lack engagement, their content is canned, their story isn’t based on who they are — and the program they are executing isn’t geared towards culture development at all.  How could it be?  You can’t inspire people with a brand’s story if you haven’t taken the time to uncover their story, develop storylines or go the extra mile to onboard their team.  That stuff requires time, it requires a process, and it requires a relationship.

Our goal is to save companies from cookie-cutter storytelling.  We have a process that is laser-focused on clarifying your story, setting up an effective content plan and inspiring customers and team members to participate in your story.

We want to be an asset to your organization, a true partner and an extension of your team.  That is what you should expect — and that is the HIGH RELATIONSHIP your brand deserves.