When it comes to celebrating your brand’s story through content development and promotion, there is a wide assortment of channels, resources, media, and apps to choose from in this arena.  Developing a plan for success is like a coach putting players on the field — you have an array of athletes to choose from but you have to select the best ones to play. The first task when developing a content plan is to not become overwhelmed.  You don’t need to take part in every social media channel or replicate every good idea you see out there— you just need to be purposeful in your participation.  Your clear brand story provides this clarity and guides you to this purposeful participation.

Your clear brand story puts a focus on the individual storylines you need to target and promote.  It also allows you to outline the ideas and channels that will work best as supporting content for those storylines.  That way, your content initiatives are never about developing a strategy for the channel, resource, media, or app.  Your intent will determine which tools should be used as a valuable resource to fuel education, awareness, and connection for your storylines. This is the way engaging content plans are developed.

A solid content plan that blossoms from an authentic Brand Story and storylines set you up for long-term success.  It takes away the hesitancy and allows you to be deliberate in your execution.  However, too many companies miss this type of focus, energy, and excitement because they tip-toe with their plan.  They are hesitant to join in the conversation going on about their brand.  Brand decision-makers want a plan for participating in channels because someone told them that “they should be doing Facebook or they need to be writing blogs.”  They see social media, video marketing, and culture sharing as an evil necessity. They believe they need to do it, but they don’t believe in it, and they certainly aren’t excited about the opportunity.

When you participate with this mindset you have little chance of being an impactful participant in the conversation about your brand.  You also have ZERO chance of leading it.  People follow enthusiasm and passion and if that is not the driving force of your perspective, you need to realign your thought process so that it is.A winning perspective is to view the abundance of new options we have to communicate our brand story — as a valuable opportunity.  You have the ability to educate others about your story, reveal the culture of your brand and align others with the core values of our brand story — embrace it.

Your Content Plan is a roadmap that gives you the freedom to communicate with customers and employees in a structured way that will allow learning, bonding and growing for them — and you.  Through this opportunity, you will strengthen internal and external relationships while developing the most impactful storylines in your business.  You will also elevate your performance in your most beneficial areas and create new opportunities to explore and develop.

The development and execution of your Brand Story content plan is your chance to gain more commitment, stronger support, and passionate participation.  When you look at the opportunity like that, how can you not get excited?  How can you not want everyone in your company to embrace your content plan, share your excitement and be a part of sharing your story?