We help Company leaders focus on creating a structured way of educating their team about their newly defined brand story.  We make sure that every BSE client realizes that the opportunity to celebrate their Brand Story should not be treated as a regular day at the office or a “marketing thing” — It needs to be a priority.  

Communication is vital in any organization and that idea cannot be stressed enough when rolling out a new brand story to the company.  We get involved in helping brands create interest and participation through the Brand Story Roll Out Meetings, educational strategies, inclusive content plans, brand communication programs as well as a number of other systems and processes that we have developed.  Those events and instruments allow us to establish a strong relationship with the team.  

Our program is built around participation and the celebration of your brand’s story.  So, we make sure that before we start trying to execute an engagement and education plan to inboard customers – that we plan and execute strategies to onboard the team.  This is critical to our process.  Marketing success cannot happen with a disengaged workforce – you have to have an onboarding strategy.  We do.