#TCPtoday was a storyline that our Cool Today/Energy Today/Plumbing Today content plan expanded into after a few years of developing related storylines.  It was a natural progression from our “Get the Best From Today” message.  The TCP storyline developed when we decided that we would clarify how we gave customers “the best” by connecting that deliverable with the brand’s passion – taking care of people. 

We suggested that for this brand, TCB or Taking Care of Business, was really all about TCP, Taking Care of People.  This acronym had not been used but we set out to make it known Brand Language and a long-term asset for the brand.  

We showed how the brand focused on TCP in all they did, in the way they help customers, in the way they help the community and in the way they take care of their team through health and wellness programs and more.  We drove home the #TCPtoday storyline in countless ways with films, posts, internal programs and more.  It has truly solidified a mindset and become a valuable culture development tool. 

The best part is that the story has been celebrated so widely and in so many different ways that there is a very good chance that if you ask the target audience in their marketing area what TCP is – they will know.