Jeni is one of our Client Relationship Managers with a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, and management. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a minor in Data Analytics. Originally from Ocala, FL, Jeni grew up in the Chicago suburbs and Kingston, TN, but found her way back to the sunshine state upon moving to Sarasota, FL, in 2007. Her experiences in real estate sales, commercial photography, and graphic design fueled her desire to enter the marketing landscape. Through her roles as a marketing representative for nonprofits, national e-commerce companies, and local service-based organizations, she began to transition into the digital arena. She now specializes in SEO and digital marketing strategies. 

Jeni enjoys diving into metrics to control the online narrative of a brand so its off-screen representation is transparent. Her favorite part of her job is the data. She enjoys digging into numbers to see what story they tell and putting the puzzle pieces together to help her clients execute their goals.

Outside of the office, Jeni enjoys traveling and scuba diving when life allows it. Day to day, she tends to her garden, which she refers to her gardening techniques as “survival of the fittest.” She is an unloyal binge-watcher and prefers to watch a show with seasons already aired than to wait for a new season to come out. Her bucket list consists of traveling to Europe within the next five years, buying a tiny one-roomed cabin to relax in, and having her own chicken coop again. If she had one superpower it would be to have the powers of I Dream of Jeannie and wiggle her nose and nod her head to complete daily tasks and transport.