Kelly is a speaker, coach, integrated marketing specialist and the President of Brand Story Experts. Since he was a kid, he has been fascinated by naming things, building identity and defining to create clarity. It’s been his passion from the start. Kelly continued that passion at Baldwin Wallace College where he received a degree in Marketing and Communications.

Over the past two decades, Kelly has excelled as a marketing director, communications executive, innovation specialist, and agency owner. In 2009, Kelly developed and trademarked the 3-P principle™ after he recognized a pattern and a process that had been guiding his success with brands.  Using the principles of coaching, he created this process for uncovering the story of a brand. This Brand Story Development process is the heart of Brand Story Experts, it is the foundation for doing what we do at BSE which is, Culture Development Marketing.

When Kelly is not working, he loves to spend time with his family. Being that he spent his first 30 years freezing in Ohio, he is a big fan of the state of Florida … and no, he never complains about the heat. He is a research fanatic. He loves going online to research anything and everything including restaurants, hotels, travel spots, activities, and new adventures. Three things that he would like to cross off his bucket list are to finish his book, take his family to Europe, and maybe skydive. If he could have one superpower it would be to have Limitless mental ability.