THINK ABOUT THIS … how much is your unclear brand story costing you because it fails to inspire? Are you missing out on hiring potential team members because your messaging strategy leaves prospects underwhelmed? How many customers miss out on appreciating all that you do? How much enjoyment is taken away from the culture of your company because your story isn’t being celebrated? Can like-minded customers understand why they need your product or service?

Ask yourself these questions and you’ll realize that your cluttered story could be affecting the growth and success of your brand in more ways than you realize.

WHAT THE FONT? Why Typography Matters

“Good design goes to heaven; bad design goes everywhere.” -Mieke Gemitzen    I take typography for granted. Being surrounded by Snell Roundhand Live, Laugh, Love signs and Papyrus homeopathic logos makes me think that my own typography choices are the best thing...
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Instagram Reels is HERE

Written by Kristen Chastain, Social Media and Content Strategist With TikTok’s future uncertain, Instagram has stepped up to directly compete with the short-form video app through the introduction of Instagram Reels – and the battle is on! Following in TikTok’s viral...
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Four Ways to Keep Your Work Life Organized

At Brand Story Experts, our number one priority is our clients! This doesn’t come naturally, it comes from hard work, creativity and one of the most forgotten attributes … organization.  With lots of chaos and fast-approaching deadlines, it can be very hard to stay on...
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5 Ways to Make Instagram Work for Your Business

Written by Ashley Cooper   At Brand Story Experts, we have been using Social Media posting to celebrate the stories of our clients for a decade. In that time period, Instagram has risen to become a must-have messenger for businesses today. In fact, Instagram has...
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How to Write a Killer Blog Post

Written By Lauren Marcinko Having trouble hooking your audience with your current blog posts? Or maybe you are suffering from writer's block? Whatever the issue may be, it never hurts to give yourself a refresher on how to write a killer blog post. In this post, we...
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Become an EXPERT in Media Planning with These Need To Know Tips

  Written By Shar'Day Porter We’ve said goodbye to Summer vacations, hello to back to school and we’re looking forward to cooler temperatures as Fall approaches. While most brands are gearing up to see how fourth quarter shakes out, media departments are instead...
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The Long Term Payoff of Brand Story Development.

The Long-Term Payoff of Brand Story Development   An organization that connects with their story, has the ability to create content that resonates -- and a message that inspires. That is the payoff of Brand Story Development. When your content is centered around...
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Say Hello to “High Relationship”

Relationships are big in business. As a company, Brand Story Experts deals with a lot of companies who are in the “relationship business.”  This makes perfect sense because that is the same business that we are in.   Our process is personal, it’s in-depth and affords...
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Sharing the Enthusiasm Through Content

When it comes to celebrating your brand’s story through content development and promotion, there is a wide assortment of channels, resources, media, and apps to choose from in this arena.  Developing a plan for success is like a coach putting players on the field --...
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Be Clear

Our proven process works with you to uncover your story, clarify your purpose and ignite the passion that fuels your business.

Be Strong

Solidify the foundation of your brand with a content plan centered around educating and inspiring your team members and customers.

Be Successful

Connect with the like-minded inside and outside your brand, take your marketing to the next level and grow your business to it’s potential.

Your story should be celebrated.