Elliott, our Client Relationship Manager, hails from Eminence, Indiana, and currently calls Martinsville, Indiana home. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media and Web Technology from the University of Maryland Global Campus, he has meticulously paved his path to professional success.

With an impressive history of service, Elliott served as a Database Analyst in the United States Air Force from 2015 to 2019. During this tenure, he played a pivotal role, actively managing and training a team responsible for operating 10 ground systems. Following his military service, Elliott transitioned to the civilian sector as a product designer at Kessel Run in Chicago.

Elliott’s journey into the world of the home services industry began at Hudson Plumbing, where he assumed the role of Marketing Manager in 2019. His tenure at Hudson Plumbing equipped him with invaluable insights into the intricacies of the industry, where marketing and operations intersect. This profound understanding, coupled with his demonstrated ability to drive tangible growth and success, positions Elliott as a true industry expert.

Elliott’s passion for digital media and web technology finds its ultimate expression in his role as Client Relationship Manager at Brand Story Experts. His transition into this pivotal role is seamless, underpinned by his extensive experience in the home services sector. His commitment to enabling clients to achieve their growth and success dreams aligns perfectly with BSE.

Outside of work, Elliott treasures quality time with family and friends. An avid reader of suspense and thriller novels, he also indulges in collecting and selling rare books, with his latest prized acquisition being an 1898 first edition of “The Two Magics” by Henry James, featuring the classic ghost story “The Turn of the Screw.” As for his bucket list, Elliott would like to experience white water rafting in West Virginia, witness the mesmerizing northern lights in Iceland, and embark on a multi-day motorcycle journey around the Great Lakes.