Kelly is a speaker, coach, and business owner who has been specializing in brand and culture development for over two decades. He is a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University who opened his first ad agency at the age of 24. Over the past two decades, Kelly has excelled as a marketing director, communications executive, innovation specialist, and agency owner.

In 2009, he identified, formalized and trademarked a Culture Development Marketing process that had been guiding his success in clarifying brand stories in a way that builds participation and creates a culture-building celebration of the brand’s story. The Culture Development Marketing process is powered by the 3-P principle™ as it involves the defining of the three core components of a story: Attitude, Drive, and Direction. The base of the 3-P Principle is simple: when you define these three areas in concert together, they transform in a way that allows you to validate trust and connect on every level. Your Attitude becomes Positive, your Drive becomes Powerful, and your Direction becomes Purposeful.

For 10 years the process of Culture Development Marketing has been the starting point in every brand relationship at Brand Story Experts and the foundation for the success of the company.

In 2018, Kelly partnered in the development of The All In App. The All In App is an internal communications app that works hand-in-hand in with Culture Development Marketing by creating a cohesive system for keeping teams informed while gamifying internal content creation.