Lauren is a Social Media specialist who has worked in advertising since her sophomore year at the University of South Florida where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. Lauren is a Bradenton native and started out as an intern at BSE where upon graduating from USF, she quickly accelerated to a full-time position in the Social Media Department here at Brand Story Experts. She continued her education immediately earning certifications in Social and Community Mastery, Content Marketing, Conversion Funnel creation, Search Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Analytics and Data, Optimization and Paid Traffic Mastery. She is a non-stop learner and an enthusiastic leader who goes the extra mile for every client and every campaign. As a result of her dedication and commitment to her clients and her company, Lauren was promoted to BSE’s Social Media Manager in 2019 and continues to lead & grow the Social Media Department.

When Lauren isn’t in the office, you can find her around town, trying out new, local restaurants with her husband, Ashton. She loves spending time with loved ones and really cherishes quality time & conversation with others. She keeps busy with numerous home renovation projects and is very passionate about home design. Lauren is a valued member of the weekly BSE runners club and partakes in races with team members outside of work. Lastly, Lauren has a passion for her four-legged friends, Kylo & Ace. In addition to her two pups, she even fosters dogs-in-need through a local dog rescue in Bradenton.

Google Analytics 4 • Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional • Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional • Facebook Cerfiited Ads Product Developer 1 • Facebook Cerfiited Ads Product Developer 2 • Facebook Cerfiited Ads Product Developer 3 • Google Ads Fundamentals • Google Ads Search • Google Ads Mobile • Google Ads Display • Google Ads Video • YouTube • Content Ownership • YouTube Channel Growth • YouTube Asset Monetization • Programmatic Digital Certification • Programmatic Digital Advanced Certification • Copywriting Mastery • Analytics and Data Mastery • Social and Community • Mastery • Community Management Mastery • Optimization and testing Mastery • Paid Traffic • Mastery • Content Marketing Management • Conversion Funnel Mastery • Search Marketing • Mastery • Email Marketing Mastery • Pre-suasion Book • Brainfluence • Google Analytics