Ryan is our Director of Photography here at BSE. Ryan is originally from Buffalo, NY but has lived in Arizona, California, and currently Florida. Even though Ryan has studied Film and Communications, he considers his real education to be what he learned in his hands-on experience of working with talented professionals in the film industry in Buffalo and Los Angeles. Ryan began an independent film career in 2004 after traveling to Thailand to produce a film about backpacking following the Southeast Asia tsunami. In 2006, he moved to Los Angeles and shot reality television for NBC, ABC, CBS, DISNEY, MTV, VH-1, SPIKE, Discovery, Animal Planet, The National Geographic Channel, and has also worked as a DIT for AT&T and the 2008 Olympics to produce a new iPhone commercial.

His experience as a specialty camera operator landed him in an awesome field working as Key Aerial Assist Camera Rigger. This position held him responsible for managing cameras mounted on various fighter jets including the L-39, Sukoi 27, and Mig 29. Ryan has even shot an independent film in 2010 which garnered him many prestigious awards in the film community. Currently, Ryan also owns a wedding videography company called “The Cinematic Moment” which he has grown here in Florida and he has also had the opportunity of directing a film academy teaching kids grade 9-12 how to work with the camera and edit.

Ryan’s favorite part of his job is getting to travel often and learn about life through the lens of a camera. Outside of work Ryan enjoys building and crafting furniture out of reclaimed wood. Ryan would love to travel to Alaska and ride in a hot air balloon someday.